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Computer Awareness Part-10

Which of the following is a graphical package? (1)CorelDraw (2) MS-Excel  (3) MS-Word  (4) all of the above A plotter is——— An output device to produce drawings and graphics   A floppy disk contains———— Both circular tracks and sectors In computer terminology, information means———- Data in more useful or intelligible form   The ascending order… Read More »

Computer Awareness Part-9

What is the short-cut key to display save -as dialog box in MS-Word? F12  The internet service that provides a multimedia interface to available resources is called————— World Wide Web Digital Camera is an? Input Device Which of the following is an audio input device? (1)    Microphone (2)    Webcam (3)    MIDI keyboard (4)    Only 1… Read More »

Computer Awareness Part-8

Which of the following is used to connect a personal computer to a network? NIC Each Web address is actually a series of numbers, which is usually called as———— IP address Which of the following is fastest? Cache Memory Main Memory Secondary Memory Compact Disk Digital Versatile Disk   What is / are the functions… Read More »

Computer Awareness Part-7

To edit the selected cell in MS Excel- Press F2   You can detect spelling and grammar errors by- Press F7   A PDA’s memory contents remain intact when it is turned off because: A battery keeps current available for RAM   MS Excel is a? Window based spreadsheet package.   The free, open-source operating… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Preposition Part 1

1. The lion jumped ________ the deer. 2. The bill was passed ________ pandemonium. 3. The architect entered ________ an agreement with the contractor. 4. All the students stood ________ respectfully when the principal entered the classroom. 5. We were sitting ________ the classroom when the boys came ________ the room. 6. The boy fell… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 3

The word ‘ticket’ is ___1____ to every language in India.___2____ those who are actively ___3____ in the political process ___4____ a ticket as permission to ____5___ an election as candidate ___6____ a political party. The ____7___, if elected, sits in the ___8____ assembly, or any other ___9____ for which he/she contests, as ___10____ of that… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 2

Jo was the first to ___1____ up on Christmas morning. ___2____ a moment she felt disappointed for no stockings hung from the fire place. ___3____ she remembered ___4____ her mother had ____5___ her the previous evening each of ___6____ would find a present tucked under their pillow. She slipped ____7___ hand under the pillow ___8____… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 1

Petroleum is the name of the ___1____ oil that comes from ___2____ the ground and from the oil wells. From this crude oil, we get the various ___3____ that drive ships, aircraft and many other forms of land. ____4___ the quantities needed are ___5____ so countries that have their own oil fields are ____6___. The… Read More »