Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 2

By | October 11, 2016

Jo was the first to ___1____ up on Christmas morning. ___2____ a moment she felt disappointed for no stockings hung from the fire place. ___3____ she remembered ___4____ her mother had ____5___ her the previous evening each of ___6____ would find a present tucked under their pillow. She slipped ____7___ hand under the pillow ___8____ drew out a crimson under the Bible. Mother had written some words of ___9____ inside the book. This quickly brought a few ___10____ in Jo’s eyes.

Options :

Note : Words in bold font are the correct answers.

1. (A) run (B) look (C) wake (D) glance

2. (A) Just (B) for (C) at (D) since

3. (A) (B) After (C) Then (D) Soon

4. (A) all (B) about (C) (D) that

5. (A) instructed (B) told (C) said (D) remarked

6. (A) persons (B) (C) these (D) them

7. (A) (B) her (C) own (D) their

8. (A) and (B) then (C) (D) but

9. (A) rebuke (B) (C) blessings (D) satire

10. (A) (B) joy (C) tears (D) sadness

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