Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 1

By | October 11, 2016

Petroleum is the name of the ___1____ oil that comes from ___2____ the ground and from the oil wells. From this crude oil, we get the various ___3____ that drive ships, aircraft and many other forms of land. ____4___ the quantities needed are ___5____ so countries that have their own oil fields are ____6___. The ___7____ of oil in many parts of the Middle East has brought great ___8____ to the countries that were, fifty years ago, very ___9____. Now-a-days without petroleum, commerce and industry are not ___10____.

Options :

Note : Words in bold font are the correct answers.

1. (A) refined (B) engine (C) mineral (D) cooking

2. (A) in (B) under (C) over (D) into

3. (A) fuels (B) liquids (C) spirits (D) gases

4. (A) communication (B) connection (C) transport (D) development

5. (A) slight (B) moderate (C) minute (D) immense

6. (A) wise (B) fortunate (C) good (D) civilised

7. (A) discovery (B) invention (C) preparation (D) creation

8. (A) fame (B) strength (C) wealth (D) confidence

9. (A) weak (B) poor (C) insignificant (D) sick

10. (A) possible (B) fortunate (C) successful (D) reliable

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