Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 3

By | October 13, 2016

The word ‘ticket’ is ___1____ to every language in India.___2____ those who are actively ___3____ in the political process ___4____ a ticket as permission to ____5___ an election as candidate ___6____ a political party. The ____7___, if elected, sits in the ___8____ assembly, or any other ___9____ for which he/she contests, as ___10____ of that party.

Options :

Note : Words in bold font are the correct answers.

1. (A) general (B) peculiar (C) common (D) familiar

2. (A) So (B) But (C) and (D) Since

3. (A) involved (B) seen (C) leading (D) attracted

4. (A) look (B) interpret (C) (D) interrupt

5. (A) stand in (B) campaign (C) vote (D) contest

6. (A) inside (B) of (C) for (D) to

7. (A) (B) party (C) candidate (D) ticket

8. (A) legislative (B) legal (C) (D) electoral

9. (A) body (B) (C) party (D) institute

10. (A) (B) participant (C) representative (D) interpreter

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