Computer Awareness Part-8

By | October 15, 2016

Which of the following is used to connect a personal computer to a network?


Each Web address is actually a series of numbers, which is usually called as————

IP address

Which of the following is fastest?

  1. Cache Memory
  2. Main Memory
  3. Secondary Memory
  4. Compact Disk
  5. Digital Versatile Disk


What is / are the functions of operating system?

  1. Memory Management
  2. Access to I/O devices
  3. Controlled Access to files


  System Software includes which of the following?

  1. Linkers
  2. Debuggers
  3. Loaders
  4. Compilers
  5. All the above


Which of the following is the largest storage?

(1) Mega Byte

(2) Kilo Byte

(3) Giga Byte

(4) Byte

(5) Terabyte

Adwords is an————-

Advertising Service by Google

Which of the following is true about CPU?

  1. It contains electronic circuits that cause processing to occur
  2. It makes the information resulting from processing available for use
  3. It allows data, programs, commands to be entered into a computer
  4. It is comprised of electronic components that store data


Which of the following is a data – entry device?

(1) Barcode Reader(2) MICR(3) OMR(4) OCR

 (5) All of the above

Which keyboard shortcuts is used to view the properties of a selected object?

Alt + Enter

The backspace key is most often used to?

Delete a character to the left of the cursor

Which of the following is not a web browser?

(1) Mozilla

(2) IE

(3) CE

(4) Opera

(5) Safari

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