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Computer Awareness Part-7

To edit the selected cell in MS Excel- Press F2   You can detect spelling and grammar errors by- Press F7   A PDA’s memory contents remain intact when it is turned off because: A battery keeps current available for RAM   MS Excel is a? Window based spreadsheet package.   The free, open-source operating… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Preposition Part 1

1. The lion jumped ________ the deer. 2. The bill was passed ________ pandemonium. 3. The architect entered ________ an agreement with the contractor. 4. All the students stood ________ respectfully when the principal entered the classroom. 5. We were sitting ________ the classroom when the boys came ________ the room. 6. The boy fell… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 3

The word ‘ticket’ is ___1____ to every language in India.___2____ those who are actively ___3____ in the political process ___4____ a ticket as permission to ____5___ an election as candidate ___6____ a political party. The ____7___, if elected, sits in the ___8____ assembly, or any other ___9____ for which he/she contests, as ___10____ of that… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 2

Jo was the first to ___1____ up on Christmas morning. ___2____ a moment she felt disappointed for no stockings hung from the fire place. ___3____ she remembered ___4____ her mother had ____5___ her the previous evening each of ___6____ would find a present tucked under their pillow. She slipped ____7___ hand under the pillow ___8____… Read More »

Competitive English Grammar – Cloze Test Part 1

Petroleum is the name of the ___1____ oil that comes from ___2____ the ground and from the oil wells. From this crude oil, we get the various ___3____ that drive ships, aircraft and many other forms of land. ____4___ the quantities needed are ___5____ so countries that have their own oil fields are ____6___. The… Read More »