Computer Awareness Part-11

By | October 15, 2016

If a memory chip is volatile, it will…….
Loose its contents if current is turned off

What is the difference between a check box and Radio button?
In check boxes multiple options can be selected whereas in radio buttons only single option can be selected.

Who is/are the founders of Microsoft?
Bill Gates and Allen Paul

The communication between a processor and other devices inside the computer is done through?

Which memory can be read directly by the computer processor?
Main Memory

VPN stands for——-
Virtual Private Network

Which of the following is the advantage of Assembly language over Machine language?
(1)    Easy to use
(2)    Easy to understand
(3)    Easy to modify
(4)    All the above

Which of the following is not true for primary storage?
(1)    It is a part of the CPU
(2)    It allows very fast access of data
(3)    It is relatively more expensive than other storage devices.
(4)    Can be removed and transported.
(5)    All of the above

A number system with a base of two is referred as–
Binary number system

Which of the following groups contains graphical file extensions?
(1)    JPG, CPX, GCM
(2)    GIF, TCF, WMF
(3)    TCP, JPG, BMP
(4)    JPG, GIF, BMP

————– Types of virus that stays permanently in the RAM memory

A spiral shape track formatting is present in
Optical Disk

Every computer on the Internet is known as?

Semi Conductor Memory is known as?

Grouping and processing all of a firm's transactions at one time is called–
Batch Processing

A DVD is an example of a(n) –
Optical Disc


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