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Statistics for SSC-CGL Tier-II (Paper-III) – Part-4

Categories of data Any statistical data can be classified under two categories depending upon the sources utilized. These  categories are, 1. Primary data 2.  Secondary data Primary data: Primary data is the one, which is collected by the investigator himself for the purpose of a specific inquiry or study. Such data is original in character… Read More »

Statistics for SSC-CGL Tier-II (Paper-III) – Part-3

Functions and importance of statistics Statistical methods are used not only in the social, economic and political fields but in every field of science and knowledge. Statistical analysis has become more significant in global relations and in the age of fast developing information technology. According to Prof. Bowley, "The proper function of statistics is to… Read More »

Statistics for SSC-CGL Tier-II (Paper-III) – Part-2

Introduction to Statistics Definitions The quantities measured in a study are called random variables, and a particular outcome is called an observation. Several observations are collectively known as data. The collection of all possible outcomes is called the population. In practice, we cannot usually observe the whole population. Instead we observe a sub-set of the… Read More »

Statistics for SSC-CGL Tier-II (Paper-III) – Part-1

Statistics – Collection, Classification and Presentation of Statistical Data Statistics means numerical presentation of facts. Its meaning is divided into two forms – plural and singular. Features of Statistics : Numerically expressed Affected by different factors estimated or collected Aggregate of facts / data predetermined purpose comparable systematic collection The process of collecting, classifying, presenting,… Read More »