Computer Awareness Part-4

By | September 18, 2016
  • The communications device that allows the computer to access a network is called a ______ card.


  • The System BIOS and ROM chips are called ____


  • Which type of memory cannot be erased and reprogrammed?


  • Transformation of input into output is performed by _______.


  • What are individual boxes in spreadsheets called?


  • Half of a byte is also called what?


  • Which two operations add new data to the clipboard?

Cut and Copy

  • A dot matrix printer is an example of what type of printer?

Impact Printer

  • Soft page breaks _______.

are inserted by word automatically at the end of the page.

  • To see the document before the printout is taken, use___

Print Preview

  • Which of the following is a secondary memory device?

(1)Keyboard (2) Disk (3) Mouse (4) ALU (5) RAM

  • Pick the wrong statement.

(1) Banks educational institutions & insurance companies use mainframe computers to store data about their customers

(2) Desktop computers, laptops, personal digital assistant (PDA), tablets & smartphones are all types of microcomputers.

(3) Minicomputers are used by small businesses & firms.

(4) Some super computers can span an entire building.

(5) Supercomputer are not as powerful as Mainframes.

  • What is GPS technology used for?

 Satellite Navigation

  • To access properties of an object, we use mouse to ____.

Right Click

  • What word describes inserting data from the clipboard?


  • Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are all types of what software?

Web Browsers

  • Reload is a synonym for what command?


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